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Habitats for Habitat

    In brainstorming for a pandemic-resistant fundraiser, Siouxland Habitat thinks they’ve ‘nailed’ a solution, with Habitats for Habitat. An auction to connect the community and what Habitat is all about, and that is building homes/habitats.

    Interested builders can create a habitat ‘from scratch’, such as, a birdhouse, doghouse, kids playhouse, or shed. Or they can start with a pre-fabricated structure, assemble it, and decorate it. The hope is for inside/outside themes, such as a ‘she shed’, reading-nook, or gardening shed; birdhouses that will welcome feathered friends and brighten a backyard. Really, the sky is the limit as far as décor and theme are concerned. If building is your sweet spot but decorating is a black hole, groups can team up with builders and decorators to ‘trick out’ these environments, which will then be on display in Fleet Farm’s parking lot. People will drive or walk by the habitats and place an online bid.

    “With the ‘event’ held outdoors and the bidding online, this fundraiser is practically pandemic proof,” stated Anne Holmes, Executive Director of Siouxland Habitat for Humanity.

**** Must contact Habitat by March 1st if you wish to submit a plan for entry****

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